We will always have.. Berlin

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Every year, around this time when the summer kicks in, I can’t help but reminisce about one of the best summers I have ever had. It was in Berlin. While doing my exchange semester that spring three years ago and by the time June entered, I felt at my most comfortable around the city. Having being used to the way the things work and feeling competent enough to communicate the everyday stuff in German I started realising how privileged I was that I lived in this place.

brandenburgertorAttention! This text is 101% subjective. I know that I’m not completely reliable when it comes to impartiality here, but as someone who loves travelling and has travelled quite sufficiently around Europe let me tell you something. Berlin is unlike any other city you have seen. I don’t mean that Berlin is the most beautiful city in the world. This badge is probably carried by other places like Paris. Yet, it is as unique as a place can get.To my mind, Berlin is like a young boy that has just come out of high school and discovered the world. Discovered that he is free from now on to chase his dreams. And this enthusiasm and vividness are visible in the city’s every corner.

Undoubtedly, it is a place that has a lot of history on its shoulders. And it is all the historical events that took place there that add to its uniqueness. The division of the city into two parts has created such a bipolarity that can make one feel that he is in two different places at the same time. From nonchalant neighbourhoods like Friedrichshain and Neukolln to posher ones like Charlottenburg, one thing is for sure, Berlin won’t let anybody down.

All this may seem like it has come out of a travel guide but it’s absolutely positively true. In any way, the city’s motto is Berlin, the place to be and it’s going to be that place for me regardless of the years that will pass by.

I am HAPPY in Berlin.

Berlin gave me the most carefree and enjoyable moments of my life so far, revealed to me an aspect of myself that I did not know; the fact that living abroad is probably the way I see me in the future. It opened my mind to the way people of a different mentality than my Greek one live and see the world, brought me in touch with people from around the world, that I wouldn’t have met in any other case (let’s be honest, the majority were Spanish -they have conquered the world!), taught me to respect people’s different opinions and way of doing things and gripped me tighter in the weaker moments were I wanted to give up.

But above all, Berlin let me see myself in a different light and helped me reinvent me and the way I saw me. It boosted my confidence and showed me that life can’t always be black. It can turn colourful. And that even if sometimes it is black and swampy, there will always be those colourful memories that you can always return to.

Sunset from my room in Berlin
Amanda x
P.S.: All photos are mine unless otherwise stated. Please ask for permission in case you want to reproduce them.

2 thoughts on “We will always have.. Berlin”

  1. This is so lovely! From someone who also loves Berlin, I have to say this is beautifully written and makes me wanna be there right now! Awesome! 🙂


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