Existential crisis and the life after uni

And yes. You finally reach that point in your life where you have finished with your studies. Good on you! Congratulations! etc.

As if the huge stress that this experience has caused you and the dark circles that made you look like a panda bear weren’t enough, you now enter a new stress-generating area. The JOB MARKET.

This is the time when you will reach the highest levels of your self-confidence and the lowest points of your self-pity in the blink of an eye. The browsing of job postings includes a lot of: ‘am I suitable for this? hell yeah I am! I’ve done this and this and this…’ until you reach a particular prerequisite that keeps appearing repeatedly in many ads: ‘ I’m practically useless..my qualifications are rubbish..wtf was I thinking? I have no luck’.

I’ll speak from my personal experience. Having just finished my MA in Communications, I’m in a place where I have returned to my home country from the UK and I’m looking for jobs either in my home country or abroad. With no previous working experience in the sector I’m aiming, everything seems like a giant obstacle. The emotional stress runs high, since the expectation and desire for a job after an excruciatingly intensive year is strong. However, not a lot of jobs are abundantly offered to my sector for people with no experience. Or in the majority of cases, a simple degree is not enough. For all the times I was working hard at the library to catch up with my assignments and was getting used to the life abroad, another person was doing loads of extra activities and courses, making himeself/herself more desirable and adequate for my dream job. And that’s that.

By no means am I blaming other people for my trouble finding a career. I am rather emphasising this vicious circle and this never-ending struggle for the young people that are looking for a job in this heavily digitalised and instantaneously changing market. In order to have what it takes, you should be versatile, restless, well informed of what’s up-and-coming, let alone a multitasker. And I really do think think it’s a lot to ask from any 23 year-old coming out of a five year long university  streak who’s about to enter another demanding period, i.e. working for presumably the rest of his life.

That’s when my second thoughts start hitting me. Am I on the right track? Did I make the right choices? Do I really want to work in this area? Do I see myself doing this thing later on? Are all these sacrifices and hard work worth it? Why aren’t I the type of person that settles for an easy life growing veggies in the countryside? Am I complicating things? Or are things complicated anyway? Is this a phase or is it going ot be that way onwards? When am I getting the answers to my questions?  Will my work have a positive impact for people? For me even? Is it all worth it reallyyyy? What is my purpose on planet Earth?





Amanda xx

(all pictures are taken from Tumblr)




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