Autumn Tunes

I have a soft spot for autumn. Nature is at its best and it’s safe to say that the colours appearing this time of the year can easily compete against spring’s green palette and even win. This autumn finds me in Athens and since I have plenty of free time I manage to spend it digging into music and strolling around the city. It’s not as idyllic as it sounds (light rain, hot chocolate, hoody jumpers etc.), given that the temperatures here are still in summer mode – hello 28 degrees!

Someone would say: ‘Sounds perfect! Extended summer! Who wouldn’t want that?’ True. However, every year around October a particular itch gets me and I start drinking hot coffee, despite the warm temperatures, I like wearing jackets – for no particular reason- and I have to admit that my imagination runs in brown-yellow backdrops and walks in the crisp morning air. How cliche! I know. All of this goes on until we actually reach winter and Christmas is over. Yes, that’s how long I can stand it. Naturally, by that time I find everything unbearable and, as a typical Greek, I start being impatient about summer and hot weather. We’ve got a saying in my country that perfectly describes this frustration:’a man’s soul is an abyss’.

Anyway, back to my autumn fixation and what gets me into the seasonal mood. It’s all about the music of course. Grab a hot coffee and scooch up on your couch then!

Amanda xx

P.S. The featured image is a courtesy of my best friend Angie! Check more of her amazing photos here:


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