2016’s Favourites

2016 was a year of mixed impressions for me. It either swirled me sky high or dropped me abruptly to the bottom. I am not disappointed, though. I am rather fulfilled. In 2016, I managed to make my crazy big dreams, rooted in my teenage years, come true. Living this experience made me feel the thrill of having some things being realized the way Ι have imagined them to be. However, I also managed to obtain a clear and pragmatic view of some other things that I had sugarcoated and thought uncomplicated. There is a certain heartbreak lingering in such cases, but it’s better to be wiser than deceive yourself. This year, I managed to step wayyyy out of my comfort zone and gradually make -right out there- a new one, I walked one step closer to the much-feared burden of adulthood, and I learned a lot about life, people, and ideas.

On that note, here’s what stuck with me this year:

Favourite Album: Radiohead- A Moon Shaped Pool

This pretty little piece of perfection kept me going while I was having hard times with my dissertation this summer. I feel like I owe a great deal of motivation to the music I listen to when I am writing and this album was the perfect backdrop.



Favourite Song: Bastille- Warmth

We all have this song that makes us instantly happy no matter what goes on around. Warmth is that song for me and the fact that it comes from one of my favourite bands makes it extra meaningful.


Favourite Book I Read in 2016:  Harry Potter Series ( Half-Blood Prince!)

What can I say about this one! This year I had the chance to (finally!) read the Harry Potter Series in English, which was my wish for a very long time and it was probably the best thing that happened to me all year -no joke! The Half-Blood Prince is my personal favourite of them all, not just for the climax the plot reaches, but also for the magnificent ability of J.K. Rowling to present the characters in such depth with their darker and brighter sides.


Favourite TV Series: The Night Manager (BBC) and Narcos (Netflix) 

The Night Manager: This is when I realized that Tom Hiddleston is a very good actor. No need to discuss Hugh Laurie, really. Loved the plot and I was so hooked by the general performances. It’s so sad that there is not another series coming up. Highly recommend it!


Narcos: From the intro music and the narration to the action and the performances, this show is just BINGO for me. Don’t even make me mention the amount of Colombian curse words I learned!



Favourite Films I saw in 2016:

  1. The Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy (sorry, I came late to the party!) Superhero movies and I have no previous history, that’s why I hadn’t seen these babies earlier. I am currently on my third viewing in two months. Thank you very much.main-qimg-aedb9752a072f639c4ff24ec61373eed
  2. Alejandro G. Iñárritu – Biutiful  I am not a big crybaby when it comes to movies. I admit that in this case, I spent half the movie crying. Such a touching story. (Also! Did I say I love Javier Bardem?)
  3. Film that came out in 2016 (since the moment this thing was written):                Matt Ross- Captain Fantastic   – Unconventional, Eccentric, Refreshing, Authentic, Colourful.captain-fantastic-1021x580


Favourite Spot: Calton Hill, Edinburgh  – Probably the most chilling place I’ve encountered in my whole stay in the UK. Facing Leith and far into the North Sea, I was lucky enough to watch the sun set and the sky assume a wonderful blend of colours. I still remember the tranquility and emotions of that moment.



Et voilà! I’ll wrap things up here and I’m gonna wish an even more exciting, more inspiring and more creative 2017!

Happy New Year!


Amanda xx


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