Exorcising Cold: A Winter Playlist

This winter in Greece has proved to be a rather cold one – it has even managed to snow in places right by the sea!- and temperatures in Athens are below the usual 10° C of winter, which immediately means less going out and more time wrapped around warm things. Daylight is still limited and not helping very much either. Despite this, I have to admit there are times when I enjoy walking in the cold dressed like a burrito or enjoying a cup of hot coffee inside and I wish that it could snow a bit more in Athens. But then I remember how amazing the summer sun is and any such idea fades right away! 

I now urge you to put the kettle on and grab a hoodie or a warm blanket!  The customary (or so it’s turning out to be) seasonal playlist is here to serve as your background no matter what you are planning to do!


Enjoy my friends! (And let us pray that good weather is on the way)



Amanda xx

PS. I am so stoked to tell you soon all about my film challenge and share with you some of my opinions about films that came out recently (don’t forget: Oscars are on the way!)


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