A note on apathy

You got to give it to drama queens. They experience their emotions to the fullest, regardless of the annoying stir they cause or the fact that they are so unbearable to most of us. They are passionate about their ‘suffering’. They translate stimuli around them in the most demonstrative way.

Now think of the extreme opposite. Not feeling anything. Not just momentarily, but as a persistent state of mind. Being transcended by events around you and not having the mood to deal or care about them. 

Hurrayyy A-P-A-T-H-Y!

In a world full of information and stimuli, there you are in your sterile and emotion-proof bubble.

What could be worse than heartbreak?

What could be more poisonous than extreme emotions?

Apathy is the answer, the cause, and the effect.

Apathetic people are everywhere around you. Empty gazes in the train. People infinitely scrolling their social media feeds. With robot-like movements. But there are not only people who have a dull and uneventful life that are apathetic. Far from that. The case of apathetic people who suffer the most are the ones that are active, participating and subjects to alternating situations. Yet they end up deflecting their emotions.

Inadvertently or not, the emotional numbness that derives from such a mental state can be lethal to the person that has been used to a previous ardent approach towards emotions. It can leave you thirsty and above all, disappointed with your constraint and indifference. Being out of touch with your emotions can be a result of confound expectations or the loss of a goal and motivation in one’s life.

Apathy is not equal to not giving a fuck about others. This is called egoism. Apathy is not having the courage to give a fuck about the things in your life because you have lost your true calling. It is so deeply devastating not being able to indulge and immerse yourself with enthusiasm and passion into things that provoke your thinking and emotions.



Amanda xx


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