The 2018 Culture Challenge: Exciting My Lost Inspiration

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I end up flunking them by the second week of January. Tops. Yet, after some considerable lack of inspiration and energy, I decided it was time to shake things up. There is so much good artistic expression around and all I find myself doing is scrolling down my feed.

Beat it, self.
Time to be a go-getter and revive that culture indulgence again.” And so, I started the year determined to put books, films and theatre back on my radar. “I must not allow my working schedule or my desperation to reach my pillow by eleven pm be a hindrance“, I thought.
Check out how it played:

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A note on apathy

You got to give it to drama queens. They experience their emotions to the fullest, regardless of the annoying stir they cause or the fact that they are so unbearable to most of us. They are passionate about their ‘suffering’. They translate stimuli around them in the most demonstrative way.

Now think of the extreme opposite. Not feeling anything. Not just momentarily, but as a persistent state of mind. Being transcended by events around you and not having the mood to deal or care about them.  Continue reading A note on apathy