The Problem with Online Self-Help and Life Coaching

Happiness is the holy grail of our culture. Being happy, feeling happy, becoming happier when there is a shitstorm around us, is the constant struggle of our entities while we spent our lives on this planet called Earth.

Modern Day HAPPINESS Definition⇒ If you want to feel happy, you have to accumulate one of the following traits in your life: be successful, be well-off, be handsome, be liked/loved, be healthy, be important. No pressure.
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2016’s Favourites

2016 was a year of mixed impressions for me. It either swirled me sky high or dropped me abruptly to the bottom. I am not disappointed, though. I am rather fulfilled. In 2016, I managed to make my crazy big dreams, rooted in my teenage years, come true. Living this experience made me feel the thrill of having some things being realized the way Ι have imagined them to be. However, I also managed to obtain a clear and pragmatic view of some other things that I had sugarcoated and thought uncomplicated. There is a certain heartbreak lingering in such cases, but it’s better to be wiser than deceive yourself. This year, I managed to step wayyyy out of my comfort zone and gradually make -right out there- a new one, I walked one step closer to the much-feared burden of adulthood, and I learned a lot about life, people, and ideas.

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